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For Every Believer

For Every Believer

5 Ways to Leave

a Church Unsatisfied

10 People

You Can't Help

What About Me?

the more for the body

All Christians

should go to Bible School

Defending Ourselves

as Christ Followers 

Politics & the Church

Should we be involved?

PM's Book List

be well read, start here!

Personality Insights

Find the Assessment Details

Color Assessment

Know what works for you

Social Media

Etiquette for Posting

Emotional Intelligence

Find Your "EQ"

Communication Skills

The Top Keys You Need!

Legal Need

For Legal Needs


Right to Refuse Vax

White Paper

on COVID -19 

Before Departing

Legal Steps to Take...


Signed Agreement

For Employment

For Employment

Problem Solving

4 Steps to Get it Right


Calendar Advice

How to Get &

Keep a Job

How to Start

a Business in 10 Steps

Job Hunting

Tips to Help You

 #1 Employee

The type all CEO's desire

How to Take

Assessments for Accuracy

Career Resume

for getting a better job.

Time Stewardship

According to the Bible...

Train Efficiently

Yourself or others on the job


For Your Relationships

For Marriages

60 Questions

Ask them before marriage.

Wives, Respect!

85 ways to show your husband.

10 Date Nights

Ideas to keep the flame alive!

Respect Your Wife

10 different ways to show her.

Wait for Boaz

Don't Settle for less!

Breaking Soul Ties

How to live set free from them!


Toxic Warning Signs

5 Love Languages

How to Give & Receive!

For the Family

For the Family / Kids

High School

Grads T.V. Watching

A Letter from

a Father to a Son

Mr. Mel's Quotes

Wisdom from the Man!

Clean Out Clothes

How to part with excess...

Hygiene for Kids

Train Them Up in this...

Hygiene for Teens

Includes training videos...

Life Skills to Train

Can they stand/deliver?

For the Home

For the Home

Declutter Challenge

do it together as a family

Laundry Tips

keep yours lasting longer!

Good Night Sleep

Natural Remedy for Rest

Training Children

for any task, in 4 steps!

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