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Don't Draw Back!

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Thus sayeth the Holy Spirit: As you can see the world is pulling back in its recession, but I say unto you it is not time for you to draw back.

I say unto you the direction is forward

...for I do not delight in him that draws back. You must press forward into that which I have called for you to do. Press forward in your giving, press forward in prayer, press into me and I will show you great and mighty things.

There is coming and is already a distinction between the wicked and the righteous, you will see in the coming day’s exposere to the leaders of nations, exposere to Gov’t officials, scandal, scandal head line news.

Their true motives will be exposed; everything hidden in darkness will come into light. Hidden agendas that are not in my plans will be thwarted, for I am thy God, all powerful, all mighty, all knowing, everything is going to plan as I have directed it, for the earth is mine and all its fullness. Some of these things must take place in the earth for it is the time of the end.

But before that great a notable day of the Lord, My church

shall raise to its rightful place, so prepare now for what is coming.

Make sure your oil lamps are full & your wicks trimmed.

For I have already mobilized my leaders who preach the word and allow my Holy Spirit to move, to do great things for My Kingdom. For great signs and wonders shall be seen and the harvest shall be reaped and truly people will say that God is among you, and the work that shall be accomplished, will be a quick work. So work to enter into my rest, for where wickedness and the wicked one is at work, so shall my grace be in greater manifestation.

So do not draw back as many already have,

but press forward into the realm of the Spirit

and you will see the manifestation of what

you have believed for.

Dr. Jack Myers


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