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The Great Awakening: Prophecy

Thus say’s the Holy Spirit: Now is the time for the 3rd great awakening in the earth, now is the time for the move of my Spirit upon the face of the earth in greater measure than ever before, now is the time for the immobilization of my church in the towns, in the cities, in the states. My church going forth in power taking whole cities & whole nations for my Glory.

Now is the time for the awakening that

you have been praying for and declaring.

Go forth my church, go forth in power, go forth and declare my Name as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. For this hour, is my hour, this time is my time. For I am a jealous God and there shall be no other gods before me.

The world’s heroes and idols come and go, but I remain forever and ever and ever.

I am that I am, and I will show forth my mighty hand and No one and No name is greater than Mine, for I am the one who created the heavens and the earth, I am the one who spoke light be and it was. I make my declaration and I will now show the world who is King of the Earth, for yet once in a little while I will shake the heavens and the sea and the dry land,

and the desire of the nations shall come to pass, for I am declaring my Name before the people of the world, and I will be exalted and praised for many are turning to me and the spirits of man are being born again. For my name is greater than any other, and now it shall come forth, my name will be exalted and every person that inhabits my earth will know that

I am God.

So rejoice my church, rejoice for your king is coming ridding on a white horse, and declaring who I am – King of kings and lord of lords, mighty in power, mighty in battle, mighty in word, mighty in deliverance and mighty in signs and wonders, reaping the harvest of the earth.

So rejoice for great is your Lord and king and in the next three months the move of my Spirit in my church and the earth shall break forth like a dam that has held back a huge amount of water. The water which will now come forth shall be as a river, a river of miracles in whatever you need. For I am more than able to deliver you and bring you into the Land of the Promises, Prosperity, Healing, Restoration and Deliverance.

Dr. Jack Myers


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