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A Time of Great Deliverence

I believe I hear the Holy Spirit say; That there is coming to the church in the USA a great time of shaking and great time of demonic deliverance, great miracles, signs and wonders confirming the pure un-adulterated Word of God.

There will be Preachers and Teachers that will not hold back the truth of God’s Word to be acceptable in their congregations and communities and because these leaders will allow My Word and My Spirit to take precedence over mans opinions there will be great deliverance that will come to My Church. The evangelistic outreach of ministry leaders to the community and the preaching and teaching of the truth of God’s Word will allow freedom once again to come to my church. Not everyone will be used in these last days and not all will be free, there is a line being drawn in the lives of people in whom they will serve, and there will always be the religious and the religious church, but the Spirit says there will be a remnant of Preachers, Teachers and believers that will not compromise to be acceptable to the world, they will live according to my statues and by the Holy Spirit.

Again, there will be many offended because of Me and the Word sake.

Put your trust in Me, says the Spirit! Do not look at your circumstances or what is around you.

Persecution will come, opposition will come and trials and tribulations, but know if they persecuted me they will persecute you, if I have overcome the world you will also overcome the world. Be of good cheer when you endure hardship and affliction for when you are weak, I will be your strength in the time of great pain and hardship I will be your strength, for they will hate you just as they hated me. But remember those that endure to the end will be saved. So rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice for now is a great time of deliverance, come and run with Me, run with My Word and run with My Spirit.

For My Word and My Spirit will sustain you in these troubling times.

Dr. Jack Myers


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