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Scripture References

God's Will to Heal

PDF Book on Healing

How to Crack

a Spiritual Whip

The Bible is Not

an Amulet

10 Commandments

Exodus 20:2-17


tattoos in the Word.

Drinking Scriptures

Here are 79 references!


Need a dose of Hope today?


is our protection

How to Forgive Yourself

God has, do as He does.

How to Guard

Your "Eye-Gate"

Heart Examination

Check the Heart Up

Dressed to Kill

Spiritual Warfare of Believers

Sleep Scriptures

Need  peaceful sleep?

Peace vs. Relief

Relief is the Counterfeit!

Heart Check Up

Locate how you can change!

Proverbs 31 Women

Character of  Godly Women

Effectual Prayer 

Prayer changes things

Spirits in the Bible

Line up with the Word

God's Promises

Manifest in your life!


Take it everyday & pray!

Raising Children

in the Word

Strife Scriptures

Overcome in your daily life.

Reveal Revelation

See Jesus in every page!

Fruit of the Spirit

The "Divine" - Nine!

Gossip Help!

We will reap it 

Ministry Vision

Learn it! Love it! Live it!

Is Tithing for Today?

WHY tap in!

Christian Conduct

In & Out of God's House!

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