Scripture References

Matthew 18:15

Biblical Conflict Management

1Corinthians 13

Love Scripture in First Person

Ephesians 1:17-23

Pray this Over Your Family

Psalms 91

A Daily Prayer for Us!

Raising Children

in the Word

21 Scriptures to Reference

Strife Scriptures

Proverbs to help you overcome strife in your job, family or life.

Peace vs. Relief

In the Spirit, Relief is the Counterfeit of Peace!

Psalms 23

Pray this over yourselves & family every day this year!

God's Will to Heal

PDF Book on Healing

How to Crack

a Spiritual Whip

The Bible is Not

an Amulet

10 Commandments

Exodus 20:2-17


Here is the scriptures on tattoo's found in the Word.

Drinking Scriptures

Want to know what the Word Says? Here are 79 references!


If you need a dose of Hope today, read these scriptures!


Based on John 13:1-17. Humility is our protection from deception

How to Forgive Yourself

God has, do as He does.

How to Guard

Your "Eye-Gate"

Heart Examination

Check up from the Heart Up

Dressed to Kill

Spiritual Warfare of Believers

Sleep Scriptures

Need restful and peaceful sleep?