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Sayings & Prayer Lists

2023 Sayings

Make this yours. Add scriptures, family members names & more!

"I AM" Confessions

Scriptures to Declare who

God says that you are.

1Cor 13 Sayings

I am Kind. I am Patient. Say this scripture daily & see change!

Ps.23 Prayer

Pray over yourself and your family members daily.

Ps.91 Prayer

Psalm of Protection in the first person, to see maximum results.

Eph 1 Prayer

Pray over family and friends, especially the unsaved.

Philippian Prayers

Pray These Daily!

Prayer of Honor

Blessings Follow Honor!

Eph 3 Prayers

Receive Wisdom & Revelation!

1Cor.13 Translations

Your Faith Works by Love!

Our Nation Prayer

Declare Truth over the USA

Your Declarations

Defense Against Offense.

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