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Sayings & Prayer Lists

2024 Sayings

Make this yours. Add scriptures, names & more!

"I AM" Confessions

Scriptures to Declare who

God says that you are.

1Cor 13 Sayings

I am Kind. Patient. Say this daily & see change!

Ps.23 Prayer

Pray over yourself and your family daily.

Ps.91 Prayer

Pray in the first person, to see maximum results.

Eph 1 Prayer

Pray over your family,  friends, and the unsaved.

Philippian Prayers

Pray These Daily!

Prayer of Honor

Blessings Follow Honor!

Colossians Prayers

Paul's Prayers Apply Today!

Jevovah Titles

Pray using His Name!

Our Nation Prayer

Declare over the USA

Your Declarations

Defense Against Offense.

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